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LAST UPDATED : 9/17/20

We are pleased that you have elected to visit this Website (referred to herein as the “Website” or the “Site”), operated by, or on behalf of, CHAMPS AND HEROES, LLC on its own behalf and on behalf of its affiliated entities (collectively, “CHAMPS AND HEROES”, “us” and “we”). 

Please read these Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) carefully and ensure you understand them. These Terms of Use, including all documents referenced herein, represent the entire understanding between CHAMPS AND HEROES and you regarding your use of this Website and supersede any prior statements or representations. This Website’s Privacy Policy is incorporated into these Terms of Use by reference and is made a part hereof. 

Changes to the Terms of Use 

From time to time, these Terms of Use may change. CHAMPS AND HEROES reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use without prior individual notice. We will post changes to the Terms of Use on this Website. By using this Website you agree to be bound by and comply with these modifications. Please review these Terms of Use often so that you will remain abreast of our current policies. 

You can tell when the Terms of Use were last modified by checking the “last updated” date that appears at the top. 

Use of this Website 

Access, distribution and/or use of this Website is subject to all applicable laws and regulations. To the extent that access, distribution and/or use of this Website would be deemed illegal by applicable law, such access, distribution and/or use is prohibited. Each time you visit any area on the Website and/or register for any interactive functionality of the Website, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms of Use and the Website’s Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to abide by these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, please do not use this Website. 

By visiting and participating in the activities offered on this Site, you affirm, represent and warrant that: (a) you are 18 years of age or older; (b) all information you submit via the Site shall be truthful and accurate (and you will maintain the accuracy of such information); (c) you will abide by these Terms of Use; and (d) your use of the Website shall not otherwise violate any applicable law, rule or regulation. 

CHAMPS AND HEROES may terminate your right to access and/or use this Website at any time. 

Use of Materials Material 

on this Website, including but not limited to sound recordings, images, logos, User Content, trademarks and Works (collectively referred to as the “Material”), is protected under various intellectual property laws and owned or controlled by CHAMPS AND HEROES, or used with permission of the owner(s) of such Material. The display of Materials at this Website does not imply that a license of any kind has been granted to you. 

CHAMPS AND HEROES hereby grants you permission to use the Website as set forth in these Terms of Use, provided that: 

– your use of the Website as permitted is solely for your personal, noncommercial use; 

– you will not copy or distribute any part of the Website in any medium and you will not “frame” the Website or any Materials in any site you create or operate without CHAMPS AND HEROES’ prior written authorization; you will not alter or modify any part of the Website other than as may be reasonably necessary to use the Website; and, 

– you will otherwise comply with these Terms of Use and applicable laws. 

In order to access some features of the Website, you may have to create an account. When creating an account, you must provide your accurate and complete information and you may not use a fake identity or any other individual’s identity. 

Except as otherwise indicated on this Website, copying, reproducing, uploading, downloading, transmitting or any other use of this Website or of any of the Material, in whole or part, without the express permission of CHAMPS AND HEROES, is prohibited. You may download digital files where expressly permitted. Any unauthorized access to, use or copying of this Website and/or the Materials may subject you to liability under applicable law, and may result in legal action. 


Please see CHAMPS AND HEROES’ Privacy Policy for information concerning the collection and use of Personal Information from this Website. 

Promotions, Sweepstakes, Contests 

On occasion CHAMPS AND HEROES, or certain advertisers or suppliers to this Site, may elect to conduct certain promotions, sweepstakes or contests (collectively, “Promotions”) on this Site. Each such Promotion may have specific rules and regulations which will be made available to users and which shall be deemed incorporated in and become a part of these Terms of Use. By participating in any Promotion, you are deemed to have accepted the rules and regulations for that Promotion, and to have agreed to abide and be bound by them. 


From time to time, the CHAMPS AND HEROES Website may contain links to other websites that are not controlled and/or maintained by CHAMPS AND HEROES. Access to and use of such other websites is at your own risk and subject to any Terms of Use and Privacy Policies which govern such websites. By providing such links, CHAMPS AND HEROES shall not be deemed to endorse, recommend, approve, guarantee or introduce any third parties or their services or products, or any facts, views, advice, information, promotions and/or products found on such websites. CHAMPS AND HEROES is not responsible for the content contained on any such websites, or for the failure of any product or service offered for sale or advertised on any such websites or for any damages that may result therefrom. Copyrights in the materials or information on the linked websites are owned by other organizations. Moreover, such other websites may have privacy policies or Terms of Use of use that differ from those of the CHAMPS AND HEROES Website and/or may provide their users with less security than the CHAMPS AND HEROES Website. 

Password Responsibility 

When you create an account, you will be asked to choose a password which you shall use to access the secure portion of the Website, and which may be required when you are seeking to participate in certain offerings of the Site. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. You agree not to (i) use the account, username or password of any other visitor to the Site at any time, (ii) share your account, or (iii) disclose your password to any third party. You agree to notify CHAMPS AND HEROES immediately if you suspect any unauthorized access to or use of your account or password. 

You are solely responsible for any and all use of your account and password. 

Non Commercial use 

You may not use the Website or any Materials provided herein in connection with any commercial endeavors except those that are specifically endorsed or approved in writing by CHAMPS AND HEROES’ management. 

User Submitted Content 

On certain sections of this Site, visitors may be permitted to: post, display and/or publish (“post”) comments, information, creative works (including but not limited to text, images, and/or photos) or other materials (“User Content”). You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for any User Content that you post. You further acknowledge and agree that CHAMPS AND HEROES has no responsibility for, and makes no representations concerning, any User Content posted at this Site and will not be liable for any User Content that is in violation of these Terms of Use. With respect to all User Content that you post, you represent and warrant that: (i) the material is either fully original to you or that you have all necessary rights, licenses and permissions needed to post the material at this Site (including but not limited to all copyright and right of publicity/privacy rights); (ii) such User Content will not infringe or violate the rights of any person or entity, or violate any governmental rule, regulation statute or law, or the Terms of Use; (iii) no money will be owing to any party as a result of the posting or use of the User Content or its use as contemplated by these Terms of Use; and (iv) you will be responsible for all User Content submitted through your account, and for all purposes under these Terms of Use, all User Content submitted from your account shall be deemed to have been submitted by you. 

CHAMPS AND HEROES does not monitor User Content. CHAMPS AND HEROES has no control over, and does not endorse, any User Content and expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with any User Content. However, in connection with User Content posted at this Site, in addition to all other rights it has under this Agreement, at law or in equity, CHAMPS AND HEROES reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to remove without notice, or refuse to post in the first instance, any User Content. 

Any private or public communications, including any User Content, sought to be posted at the Site must conform, in the sole and exclusive opinion of CHAMPS AND HEROES, to the following rules and standards. It must: (i) conform to all applicable laws, including intellectual property, privacy and defamation laws, (ii) be appropriate in the context of the general purposes of the Site; (ii) not be vulgar, derogatory, obscene, pornographic, patently offensive, defamatory hateful, abusive or promote racism or discrimination of any kind; (iii) not provide personal information, or solicit such information from any other user of the Site; (iv) not involve or result in the transmission of junk e-mail, unsolicited mass e-mailings, “spamming,” “spimming” or “phishing;” (v) not transmit or distribute any potentially harmful programs such as Trojan horses, worms, viruses, spyware or any malicious software or code; and (vi) not contain any material or images owned by any other person or entity unless you have obtained all necessary rights, licenses and permissions needed to post the material and have it used as contemplated by these Terms of Use.